Parent Panel On Transition Process

Two parents of MLN High School graduates, Katie Newman and Mark Salzberg, participated in a panel sharing their experiences and advice for families with regard to the transition process. Topics such as post-secondary education/community college, transportation, housing, and much more were discussed. Please listen for a complete recording of the panel. 

​NOTE: ​This is an audio recording of the event. 



Topic by time:
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0:20 – “What are your global reflections on the transition process” / Overview of community college (credit classes) and College Living Experience (CLE) program

15:00 – Travel training/transportation

20:05 – Non-credit college classes

26:45 – Internships as a first step to career path/area of interest

32:25 – Community college application process tips/pitfalls

35:40 – ABLE Account

38:20 – When student attending classes part time, how to fill day/clubs on campus

41:00 – Accommodations through disability services

46:15 – How to fill time socially after Ivymount/part time job

47:15 – Do you charge your children rent who live with you?/Social security benefits

50:40 – DORS (Maryland, Vocational Rehabilitation Services) Tips/Pitfalls

52:50 – DARS (Virginia)/RSA (DC) – Vocational Rehabilitation Services (typically more short term services, to support employment OR schooling that will lead to employment), Montgomery College’s Pathways Program

54:05 – DDA Services

1:02:50 – Guardianship Alternatives/Guardianship

1:10:00 – Summer/Camps

1:13:20 – Options for student not on diploma track for work training/classes/residential program (

1:16:35 – Supported Decision-Making

1:18:00 – Project SEARCH

1:25:40 – Words of wisdom “Don’t get too freaked out…” with the transition process!

1:26:05 – Closing/”Transition is not an end point”/Transition is about the families too

1:27:40 – There are a lot of options!


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