Ivymount Endeavors School Program

The Ivymount Endeavors School Program offers two learning paths: Diploma (grades K-8) and Certificate of Completion (ages 4-21). While the curricula vary for these two paths, our approach and instructional techniques are consistent. All students access the general education of their state and local school system. We also provide explicit and systematic instruction in skills necessary to live, work, and engage in recreational activities in the community. Teachers differentiate content to allow for a variety of instructional methods, including one-to-one/discrete trial instruction, small and large group instruction, direct instruction, and incidental and contextual teaching

Curricula, schedules, instruction methods, and treatment procedures are individualized to capitalize on each student’s strengths. IEP goals are taught systematically in both structured and natural settings to promote maintenance and generalization of skills.

Staff continually monitor student progress and address difficulties based on data analysis. The educational team includes speech language therapists and an occupational therapist who provide intentive collaborative coaching to support student progress and staff training.  

Program Values 

Our core values support our program’s goal of helping students meet their highest level of autonomy.    

  • Every student is appreciated and respected for exactly who they are. 
  • Every student is accepted and encouraged to be the best version of themself. 
  • All students are entitled to respect and dignity.  Continually assessing student preferences and teaching them to make choices are essential to ensuring that each student can advocate for themself. 
  • Student progress is our responsibility.  To this end, we use research-based curricula, teaching procedures, and data-based decision making.  
  • Student progress is dependent on the reciprocal relationships between students and their teachers. 
  • Teacher training is best measured through student progress.  Our students’ progress is dependent on highly qualified teachers.  
  • Family involvement is essential in teaching students.  Each family’s unique values, culture and background shape the program we create for their child.